Sunday, June 8, 2008

Garden . . . again

I can't resist doing another post on our garden.
We've had lots of little zucchinis growing on our plants. They mostly get sick and die before they fully grow. I walked out the other day and got the garden shock of my life when I saw this giant zucchini! I was pretty excited. I had to run and get the other girls.
We had to take pictures of ourselves with it - for scale and . . . for fun.
The zucchini bottle - perfect for all ages.
Shock and awe!
I had a to snap a quick picture of that zucchini along with other exciting happenings. We've been getting lots of tomatoes, which the birds seem pretty happy about. Our cucumbers are finally starting to grow as well. We'll have tons of those very soon. I picked the biggest one for this picture. Sad news, however. I believe that our zucchini plan is now going the way of all the earth! :( We'll have to check and see what plants fare well being planted in this hot weather. Wish us luck!

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Mom said...

It's a lovely garden. You guys will be so healthy from fresh produce.