Wednesday, February 25, 2009

100th Day Sandwich

Those of you with elementary school aged children will know that the 100th day is a pretty big deal. Most of these pictures are about the 100th day at our school. I called it a sandwich because I have a beginning and an end to this post that don't really go with the 100th day, but I wanted to post them anyway.
We were learning about Africa the same week that we had the hundredth day. I devoted one day to Egypt and we had tons of fun. I loved bringing my souveniers from my trip this summer. The kids really liked it. My favorite part was having them decode my name in heirogliphics. I had my name painted on a cartouche while I was over there and they used a decoding sheet that I had.
Okay, now to the 100th day! One of the activities was the kids got to have 100 snacks. I bought a bunch of little stuff - 10 different things and the kids got to take 10 of each.
Here's a plate with 100 snacks. Hungry?
The kids were also challenged to wear 100 things to school on that day. I took a picture of some of the most creative/unique ideas. Victoria wore 100 safety pins.
Gaby had 100 pennies wrapped in plastic wrap as a necklace and bracelet. Adella had a macaroni necklace.
Tyler's cracked me up. He had a quick and easy way to sport 100 pennies. Lots of kids had 100 stickers on their shirts. We had a messy floor by the end of the day!
I also made some blue Jell-O and we counted out 100 Swedish Fish to put in it. They turn out pretty slimy once the Jell-O is set, but most of the kids LOVE it.

This video is from a lunch bunch we had in my room the other day. If the kids eat all their food and there's time left, I'll let them dance. They love it and I think it's hilarious. Stephanie in the stripes was reminding me a lot of Elaine from Seinfeld!

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Teresa said...

Those are some cute ideas. Sounds like a fun day! Cameron just turned 5 this month and I can't believe I'm going to have a child in school this fall - kind of sad (although I know it's only half day). I hope he has a fun teacher like you! :)