Thursday, February 12, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

One of the activities I do with the first graders at school each year near Valentine's Day is to make a heart shaped book with different elaboration sentences for their parents as a gift.
I give them this sentence to fill in the blanks to:
I love you as much as a ______ loves _______.
They each had to think of 4 different sentences. This class did a really good job and I wanted to share some of their responses. I'll leave off the beginning so just remember that they all start with
I love you as much as a
seed loves to grow.
car loves to honk.
bird loves to lay eggs.
butterfly loves nectar.
frog loves to hop.
cheetah loves to run.
lake loves it's fish.
moon loves night.
sea loves to splash.
sun loves to shine.
penguin loves to waddle.
kite loves to fly.
bear loves to climb.
monkey loves bananas.
rat loves cheese.
dog loves to bark.
fox loves to live in the forest.
groundhog loves to sleep.
spider loves to bite.


kristal said...

so romantical. The rat and cheese one sounds like something Jase would write.

Amanda Holbrook said...

My favorite is "the sea loves to splash". So cute and romantic! :)

Thank you both so much for coming to the open house last night. I was touched that you both would come by. You are the nicest ever!!!

Jessica said...

My favorite is the penguin loves to waddle! Maybe because thats how I get around now...waddling!

Kids come up with the cutest/sweetest stuff!

Gene said...

Thanks for sharing! You're on the count down, enjoy those students and their energy....spring is upon us.

Dadra said...

Those are too cute. I remember I used to love Valentine's day in school when you got valentine's from everybody in those paper sack mailboxes. Why do we stop doing that when we get older??

Teresa said...

So cute! That's a great idea for a card. I may have to steal that one...

Teresa said...

So cute! That's a great idea for a card. I may have to steal that one...