Sunday, February 1, 2009

Camping Trip #2

Last weekend we went on our second camping trip. We camped at Lake Livingston State Park. This was going to be a coed camping trip, but Nate ended up being the only guy that came. The others backed out at the last minute, so it was Nate, his dog, Gus, and 7 girls. How fun is that? :)
This was the most common scene at the camping trip. Susannah got a fancy new camera and took tons of pictures, trying out different things on her camera. This post has mostly her pictures, and it contains only a small fraction of them!
Kim and Julie were instrumental in helping to create the once again fabulous and HUGE tin foil dinners.
I like this shot she got of the dinners. I want a new camera now!What's a camp out without a little camp fire shenanigans?
Nate's checking to see if the food is done, in a very interesting way.
Nate also brought a cool toilet seat for us to use, and had to demonstrate how to use it in case anyone was confused.
This is where he slept. He was trying to be macho and said he wanted to just sleep out by the fire. He's now concocted this whole story about how we took all the tents and air matresses so that was his only choice. RIGHT!
Here are a few people just waking up.Susannah snuck off in the woods to take some fancy pictures with her ring. This one was my favorite.We had a lovely breakfast of instant oatmeal and then . . .. . .went on a nature walk around the lake. This is Susannah's favorite picture of the trip. It is awesome! Her camera rocks - as do Nichole and Kim. :)Nate was trying to impress everyone. This was one of his attempts. That's his dog Gus.Cynthia and Nichole played guitar for us quite a bit. I loved it!The funniest/most tragic part of the trip came when Cynthia accidentally NAILED Julie's Exterra with a stick she was throwing for Gus to fetch. It left a nice little dent and scratch.Here I am enjoying the campfire! I'm sure we'll head out camping again sometime soon!


Alicia said...

ok jealous you are camping in Feb. I'm totally freezing up here.

Matt and Andrea said...

There's good camping in Utah. In fact, I think a lot of my fam is going the 2nd or 3rd week in June. Come on up!

kristal said...

Wow, that's neat how that portable toliet seat works. And how mean to make your friend Nate sleep out by the fire. MEAN!

Jessica said...

I can't believe its nice enough to go camping in the middle of winter! Fun!