Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sushi Night

We had a Sushi party at our house last night.
Kirsten actually made the sushi. It was pretty impressive.

I was so impressed, in fact, that I took a little video of her rolling one.Here are some of her finished products. Susannah and I actually do not love fish, but we tried these and WE LIKED THEM! She puts rice, cream cheese, tuna or salmon, and avocado in them.
It was Mauren's birthday the day before so we had this party to celebrate. We stuck the candles in some brownies that someone brought.
Another highlight of the evening was the removal of the stitches in Damien's head. This was the silliness before the actual "operation."
Kirsten successfully removed them all. Good work!


Matt and Andrea said...

Wow. You have really cool friends. I don't think any of my friends can make sushi.

Wahls said...

I have often wondered about your family and how everyone was doing! i absolutely loved your dad as a seminary teacher. Congrats to Susannah for the engagement, that is so exciting. i loved reading all your many adventures, looks like SO much fun.
Krystin (McMaster) Wahl
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