Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Birthday Celebrations

I just recently celebrated my birthday. It was on Saturday, the 25th. We began the festivities early with Susannah and I taking the day off school on Friday.
We went down to IKEA and got a few things and had lunch at Chacho's, probably my favorite Texas Mexican food place. Thanks to Whitney for introducing me to it. I was shocked at the amount of leftovers two people had.
That night we went to the Miller Outdoor Theater to watch some Chinese Acrobats. Kim, Kirsten, Nate, and his kids joined us there as well. It started pouring and we got soaked, but luckily they opened up the covered seating area early and we got some seats. Unfortunately, I was under a leaky area of roof and continued to get soaked. We were freezing!
Us girls came back and dried off, had hot chocolate, and soaked our feet in my tub!
It was very relaxing. We even ate leftover chips and queso in the tub!
We had a few people over on Saturday evening. Nate surprised me with his kids singing to me and bringing me presents. It was so cute!
I like this group shot. We almost got everyone looking at the camera!
Kirsten got fancy with the picture taking, but I really like these. The kids were so excited to give me the presents they picked out.
It was hilarious! Junior opened one for me.
After Nate's crew left, we had some Navajo tacos and dressed up a little like our Native American friends.
The lens got a little smudged on this one, but we wanted to show off our braids.
We even did some war paint - sort of similar to Lord of the Rings as well.
Kirsten looked dangerous.
Here's our painted face action shot.In this one we just tried to look tough. Katherine had been having a rough time keeping a straight face, but she did pretty well in this one. It was Stacie who kept smiling! :)
Who's that Spartan in my tepee? It's me! It's me!
We had the traditional birthday cheesecake! It was delicious! Thanks to Susannah and all my great friends!


Matt and Andrea said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Sounds like your birthday shenanigans (sp?) were fun! Nothing beats a good birthday cheesecake!

Mom said...

Wish I could have been there, especially for a NAVAJO TACO and CHEESECAKE!!! I've been on this diet too long.:(

Jana said...

You, Susannah, and your friend make a better looking group of Navajo's than me and some groups on the Rez. Happy Be-lated birthday.

Susannah said...

Did you say braids, or buns...?

Alona said...

They both start with B, does it matter? :)

Kristal said...

I have SO much to say, but I think you'd prefer me to not say it all on here. Um, but yea.
So I did think if you on your birthday, I'mjust the world's worst friend, and I didn't want to lose my title there. Um, CHacho's...Mmmmm. Glad you had a great birthday. You're looking way hot! Seriously you look hot!
Oh, and the neti pot. Jase makes people love that stupid thing...not me!

j&krosser said...

Looks like you had a great B-day! Hope it was as fun as the pictures make it look.