Sunday, April 12, 2009

Canoe Trip

We went on our second annual Good Friday canoe trip. If you look back a year on my blog, you'll see some very similar pictures.
We met near Kountze, TX on Friday morning. There were 62 people in our group. We had to snap a before shot.
Here are some of the girls in our group right before we shoved off. We had a fun group this time - no guys came with us from our ward, though.
This one guy had his wife, two kids, mom, and mother-in-law with him. In this canoe it was him, his little boy, and his mother-in-law. The little boy needed a nap and couldn't fall asleep so he constructed this little shelter over the boat. It worked nicely.
Julie had a whole pirate thing going on. At one point down the river she had us all making mean faces. Hers was pretty scary, I just couldn't get a good shot of it.
This was a picture of some of the tents set up after the first day of rowing. We rowed about 12 miles that day and finished the last 7 on Saturday. The weather was so nice!
Nate was nice enough to let us borrow his tent. Sometime during the night, the little porch front of it collapsed. Luckily no one was sleeping out there or they would have been in for a rude awakening.
I can't believe I'm posting this, but I did give Julie a wedgie. This picture is just a reinactment. She had thrown a plastic snake in our canoe the day before and totally deserved it, though!
Here we are - still friends! :)
Stacie and Julie buried Samira and made an interesting body for her. They added a 3rd arm in honor of our FHE video where Nate has 3 arms.

Julie and Samira went for a swim out by our campsite. Julie was trying to jump off the sand bar into the deeper area. This was her 3rd attempt.
Katherine taught us a water game called 10. During the game Stacie accidentally got Susannah with her nail.
The river was so pretty. Here's one of my favorite shots.

Katherine and Ben tried to be daring and go under this log, but they couldn't quite fit. This was a great trip!


Matt and Andrea said...

I'm always so impressed at your adventures! When do you get your laundry done! =)

Anonymous said...

looks like you found the pirate's booty alright.

Teresa said...

Wow, you're always up to something. Sounds like tons of fun!