Monday, April 27, 2009

Crazy Rain

We had the craziest rainstorm the other day. It had been raining off and on that day and the day before. Susannah, Kirsten and I decided to make a quick Wal-Mart run. It was raining when we got out, but just lightly. As we were shopping, we heard it start to pour. There was loud thunder too. Once I got checked out, I went to get the car and pick up the girls and groceries. It was pouring! I was literally drenched by the time I got out to the car. The water in the parking lot was already up past my ankles and we had only been in there for 30 - 40 minutes! Once I picked up the girls, we started to leave the parking lot, but saw that the water from the parking lot to the road was way too high. We tried a couple of other options with no luck. I finally found one exit that wasn't up too high. As I was driving on our street, I had to show way down because the water was coming up over my hood!!!! The following videos and pictures are of us once we got home!
This is just showing how deep the water is. It's up over the whole curb, including my house number!

Sorry, here's the retelling of the story!

Susannah and Kirsten got daring and decided to run out in the rain.I snapped this one of Kirsten to show how wet she was after running out to her car for something!The backyard got pretty swampy! This was an impressive storm. I'm glad nothing flooded!

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