Monday, April 27, 2009

Dancing Queen

Last weekend was Stacie's birthday. We celebrated by going bowling.
It was also kind of a farewell to Julie who headed back up to Alaska for the summer. We're sad she left. She sent herself off in style by dancing in the back of Katherine's truck for us.

I took this video not remembering that my camera doesn't flip the video when I turn it! Dang it! She was making us laugh so hard!

She got Kirsten in on the action. Sorry about the shirt up action at the end. Julie was imitating one of Kirsten's 8th graders at a school dance. He kept dancing with his shirt up and she had to keep telling him to put it down. She can imitate him so well.

I love this dance the girls did. Love the Jackson 5!
The best part of the night was Julie dancing up to Nate. He didn't know what to do with the whole situation. I've never seen him embarrassed until that night.
I love this concerned look on his face. Julie rocks!

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