Sunday, April 5, 2009

General Conference

It was another great General Conference weekend. The talks on both Saturday and Sunday sessions were just what I needed to hear.
I found this picture on the Internet. Credit goes to George Frey/Getty Images. It was exciting to see Elder Andersen put in as one of the 12 Apostles. If you didn't get a chance to listen to the talks, click here!
Another fun thing of note was the fact that my parents came this weekend, just for fun. It was great to see them.

While the guys were at the Priesthood session of conference, 8 of us girls (including my mom) headed to Chuy's to celebrate Laura's birthday. Kirsten and Julie were brave and did the Electric Slide when the song came on in the restaurant.
Julie had heard lots of stories about my dad on our trip to Florida. We told her how he used to say "Want me to show you a little trick I learned in the Army?" even though he was never in the Army. He'd then pull some sort of wrestling move or some sort of hold on people. When she met my dad, after he got home from the priesthood session, she said his own quote to him and then tried unsuccessfully to clap his hands together (he still does that mean trick to people). He got a kick out of it.

We finished off the night with Nick joining the party. He and Kirsten broke out the guitars and kept us very entertained. What a great weekend!


Mom said...

It was a great weekend!!

Amanda Holbrook said...

I am so happy your family came down! I loved Conference too! My Stake President from Dallas was called as an Area Authority. So amazing! I loved the video. They are so talented! I miss hearing that.

Teresa said...

What a fun weekend. It's great you got to spend it with your family.

vab10+ said...

Sure is good to see you gals, even it is on the blog! We miss you and your family!!! Keep having fun!
Kari Bushman