Monday, December 21, 2009

Adam & Susannah

I was really excited to pick Adam and Susannah up at the airport. They flew into Houston on Friday to spend the holidays here in Texas. We stayed in the Houston area Friday night and left for San Angelo on Saturday. I thought I'd post about our stuff before San Angelo first.
Kim met them at the airport because of a little flight issue, but we're glad they got to see each other. We next met Abraham to chat for a little bit. It was like old times!
We then went up to the Chappell's house. They fed us dinner, then we had a few people over to relax and visit. It was a fun night as always!
On our way to San Angelo, we stopped in Marble Falls to have dinner with Adam's brother Jared and Jared's roommate Nate.
Here are the Warr boys. I really don't think they look that much alike.
Jared and Nate love to do the lipless look, so we took a quick picture. They are funny guys.

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