Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Winter Camping!

We got a special treat the last couple of days at my parents' house.
Julie and Katherine came out to visit! They came on Sunday evening. We played some games and did some visiting. Monday we did a few fun things, including walking down to the river and horsing around a little bit.
I'm not sure, but I think this is Julie's mean face.
She had to get one with Katherine in it.
Those girls were worn out! Monday was also Adam's birthday.
We decided to do some camping to celebrate. The only problem was that it was REALLY COLD! Thank goodness for fire!
We did some delicious Dutch oven cooking. My mom made some peach cobbler for dessert and it was SO good!
Here's Adam about to blow out the candles.
I thought this was a really cute picture of these 3. My parents didn't stay and camp.
Here are the two tents we slept in. It was raining and still REALLY COLD when we woke up in the morning.
Luckily it wasn't raining hard. It did snow a little and sleet quite a bit.
Here's the Giant doing a cranky face. I'm pretty sure he enjoyed camping even though it was cold!
We were trying to take down the stuff quickly to keep everything from getting soaked. We ended up stuffing all the bedding in the cab of Katherine's truck with us. It was pretty packed.
When we were driving, it sounded like these 3 in the back were in a totally different room. It was so muffled!
I liked this shot Katherine got of the front of her truck. We made it safely back to my parents', believe it or not! Katherine and Julie left after some pancakes that my mom made.
Adam, Susannah, and I headed back to Houston on Wednesday. We got back in time for a short visit with Abraham again before I had to take Adam and Sus to the airport! Fun times!

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Susannah said...

I'm glad that we toughed it out and stayed the night. Oh the fun!! And I take no responsibility for Adam copying Julie in that first picture.