Monday, December 21, 2009

Ugly Sweater Party

The weekend before last we had a great party. It was actually 3 parties rolled into one! 1. Ugly (holiday) sweaters. 2. Fondue. 3. White elephant gift exchange.
We had quite the fondue spread. We had two kinds of cheese fondue, two broths, and two chocolate kinds. We had all sorts of stuff to dip in it as well! Yum!
The ugly sweaters were incredible. Here are some of my favorite girls with our ugly sweaters.
Katherine's mom brought her that cool apron, hat and even some holiday socks. She was sporting all sorts of stuff.
She had to switch hats after awhile and this was not the only time it happened. She's got quite the hat collection. She had to give them all some time to be seen.
I had to get one of her sweater. She turned this side to the back since she was wearing her apron. It was definitely . . . interesting.
Nate found this little number at a thrift store, but told me that if he bought it, I had to wear it to school the next week. I did . . . for a little while.
Kim's sweater actually won the prize for the ugliest sweater. Those two rabbits are under the mistletoe and all around the sleeves are little baby bunnies. Interesting!
I just thought I'd get some pictures of what the folks looked like. Here are Jen and Stacie.
Rachael and Mauren.
Katie and Candice.
Jared and Wendy.
Aaron and Julie.
It was also great to have Katherine's family there. Her mom and two sisters joined in on the fun.
Julie and Jared brought a cane with mistletoe attached to it. Here's Julie trying to look innocent, but in reality, she was trying all sorts of tricks to get some kissing going on.
Success! Bryson got Katherine on the cheek.
Julie was trying to Aaron to show some love, but he wasn't having it. It was pretty fun. She tried this with several people.
My ugly cardigan was so big that I made the statement that I bet two people could fit in it. Katherine was kind enough to try it out. It was big enough!
Here's the side view.
This was Julie's white elephant gift. It was in a ceramic cow that said for the winner of that gift to break it afterward. This note was rolled up with a $10 bill. It cracked me up.
After most of the people left, we watched Elf and then, for some reason, decided it would be a good idea to gang up and wrestle Nate.
We could hardly do a darn thing to him, but I'm pretty sure he enjoyed it.

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Eric said...

This party looks like fun! Tacky sweaters
parties are so much fun! Great pics. I really like the school teacher sweater. I remember when teachers wore stuff like this.