Monday, December 21, 2009

Happy 60th!

Besides being the Winter Solstice, December 21st is also my Dad's birthday. This year was especially cool because it's his 60th birthday.
We had fun things going on all day, but I got pictures of him at his favorite restaurant, Taco Bell. We went there for dinner while people we assembling at our house for a SURPRISE PARTY!
This is the crew that showed up. My mom and myself were not in this one, so I'll attach another one as well.
Susannah's not in this one, because she's being the photographer. Adam is also tickling me in this picture. He looks very somber.
My dad decided to blow out his candles with part of a cane that he got for his birthday.
The biggest laughs of the evening were when my dad was playing with Liam, the son of some of my parents' good friends and neighbors. He kept tickling Liam's neck and he was making the cutest faces. I posted 4 of the many I took.
My dad also likes the squishy face thing on kids. He's a fun one to do it to!
How cute is this?
I love all of these! :)
We had to get a red picture with Uncle Blaine.
We grabbed this shot before Blaine and Margene headed back to Midland. I like Blaine sucking in his gut. I'm pretty impressed that we actually surprised my dad!

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crack'n up ourselves said...

YOur dad blowing out the candles with a cane is so classic Bushman. And that kid Liam is so cute.