Saturday, November 5, 2011

Austin Mid-Singles Activity

A few weekends ago there was a mid-singles activity in Austin.
13 of us girls stayed at the Williams' lake house.  The activities were great, but I was sad we didn't get more time at the lake too!
One of the 13 was Julie who flew in for a surprise visit.  I was glad she came with us.  With Julie around, you have to be on guard.  She reverted to an old girls' camp prank and hung Katherine's bra on the flagpole.
Katherine was down by the lake and saw it going up.  We heard her shout from down there, but she was too late.  The colors had been raised.
There are actually two houses on their property which was perfect for so many of us.  This is looking up at the deck of the bigger house from the ground.  I hardly took any pictures this weekend.  I need to get some from Mauren!
I did get one of the three of us.  Love those girls!

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