Saturday, November 5, 2011

My new job

I've been wanting to get some pictures of my new job, but working at Merrill Lynch isn't as conducive for taking pictures as teaching first grade is!  I do have a few now, though.
When Jen came to have lunch with me, I had her take a picture of me at my desk.  One of my favorite things is that you can see Alan Skidmore in the background.  I work with a lot of great people.
This is a professional shot of our team.  I would have liked to take a less formal one, but they have rules about what you can have for websites and stuff.  This is one that will be posted in a lot of places for our group.  I really enjoy working with these folks.
. . . especially on Halloween! :) 


Wendy Sue said...

I like your little office! It looks very neat and organized (I'm not surprised!).

Susannah said...

I like the wig!! I also like all the little Evie things around your desk!

Alona said...

There are even more Evie things on the other wall! :)