Thursday, May 29, 2008

Bike Shop

Alright, I'm going to have to go back on my statement a few months ago that I wasn't going to post anything nice about Adam anymore on my blog.
My dad gave me a new/old bike and Jen just bought a fancy new road bike. She already had a mountain bike so space in our garage was an issue. Adam bought us some hooks to hang the bikes up and then came and installed them for us! Nice!
Food and our charming company is our usual payment for any service he renders, but I thought I would add this picture as an added bonus - nice arm shot, eh?
I'm sure it was also a bonus for him to see how hard it was for us to get the bikes up on the hooks.
Here's the finished look. I actually prefer the bikes being there. It gives the garage sort of a cool outdoorsy feel! Thanks, Adam!


Jennifer said...

Thanks Adam! The garage looks awesome. Now I don't feel so bad for having so many bikes.

Anonymous said...

This isn't Adam, but if it was, he would probably say, "de nalgas!"

kristal said...

Um, I have mixed feelings about Adam. My relationship has been a roller coaster with him, therefore, I say, "no comment".

Merrianne & Spencer said...

that is a great idea!!