Sunday, December 21, 2008

Holiday Fun at School

I've been posting a lot of school things lately, but we've had a bunch of fun holiday stuff going on.
First of all, we had dress-up days all week last week. I loved Kara's Rudolph day outfit. She was so cute. Most of the kids that dressed up had red noses and antlers, but her mom went all out with the brown clothes and the big white spot on her tummy. Cute!
For our parent gift this year, we made plates that the kids could use for "cookies for Santa." They were Janelle's idea. Kirsten came and helped my class make the plates. She's finished with student teaching and doesn't start her actual teaching job until January. Susannah and I were glad to have her help in both of our classrooms!
Here's a close-up of 3 of the finished plates. I think they turned out so cute!
I wrapped them up along with some of the Christmassy work we've been doing in class. Kirsten helped us with this wrapping paper. I have some fun stamps the kids used on butcher paper. I tied two ornaments on the outside - a foam one and these cute glass ones we made.
Here's a close-up of one of the little ornaments. I painted the kids' fingers with white paint and we stamped them on to make the snowman. I added glitter and puffy paint and . . . voila!
It was Polar Express day on the last day of school before the break. Those of you who have been reading blog for awhile may remember that last year we brought in snow. This year, we brought in a train. Here are my kids waiting to board.

This is another class riding the train then stopping to get their picture with Santa. The train fit perfectly on our track on the playground.
Here are some of my students inside one of the train cars. It was really cute and fun.
Here are my kiddos getting their picture with Santa.

Some of the kids ate lunch with me for good behavior. After they finished eating, they wanted to dance so I turned on some party music. Luke had some moves!
We also watched the Polar Express movie in between all the other stuff going on. I couldn't resist getting a picture with my class again. It was a pajama day - love it!
We had our class parties in the afternoon. There were tons of people there helping out. The kids had a great time.
Friday was Alex's last day at our school. They're moving to Colorado! I'll miss him!
This is just a fun random shot of Abraham in our backyard playing with the airsoft gun we got him for Christmas. We had to have a little tournament and, yes, he won . . . barely. Sadly, I came in 3rd. Both he and Susannah beat me!


Kirsten said...

Luke is hilarious! I especially loved that crazy drop down move in the middle there.

Jennifer said...

I wish our school did something fun like this. My kids would have had a blast on that train. maybe next year we'll take a field trip to your school that day.