Monday, December 29, 2008

Joseph City

Joseph City is the best place in the world. It is by no means the most beautiful, but it has the best people in the world. It is my hometown and was my home base for my first 24 years of life. My dad and I took a little road trip down there for a few days right after Christmas.We hit some serious snow in New Mexico and my windshield wiper fluid froze so I had a pretty nasty windshield.

My dad had to get out at a stop and pour some of his water bottle on the windshield so we could see!
After getting settled at Aunt Karen's house, we headed over to Kristal's white elephant gift exchange. Here are a few of the people - well, most of the people at the party.Kristal was the recipient of my gift - I'd been saving it for years: Mr. T soap on a rope. Is that not the coolest? I pity the fool who doesn't think so!I got Trina's gift - a Redneck briefcase. It really was made out of men's underwear.My dad got a reindeer that poops out jelly beans. The funniest thing about this is that Susannah and I had already got it for him and put it in his stocking. It's okay, though. Someone stole that from my dad for part of the game and he got some fancy mustard and ketchup dispensers instead.
After the party, this group of us went to the Denny's and then to the Hunt's house for a game of "what if."
We had to get a class of '95 shot with me, Trina, and Paul.
The next day I went to Flagstaff with the Mulders. There had been a lot of snow there. You can see how high it was in comparison to that trash can. Yikes!

I caught the end of some of Kristal's car dancing. She, Jason, and Susannah are the best car dancers ever. I could watch them all day.
We ate at a place called Oregano's which was really good. I got a shot of their cute family before we went in. Don't ask me why none of them are wearing coats - it was in the 20s!
They did bundle up for some sledding. We dropped these guys off to play in the snow while Kristal, myself and Boston went shopping at the after Christmas sales.
I had to get a quick snow picture of myself before we took off.
The theme of my whole Christmas vacation so far (besides fun and relaxing) has been COLD! It was cold in San Angelo and it was very cold in AZ. Here's the bed I slept in at Aunt Karen's in JC. Look how thick the blankets were. I needed them all too!
I saw tons of my favorite people at church on Sunday, but ran out of time to take pictures of them all. We headed out right after sacrament meeting. I had to sneak this quick picture of my very dirty car. I think a car washing party is in order. Future post alert.
My dad was kind enough to humor me and take this picture at the AZ border. Thanks to my dad for being my travel buddy!


Carlykins said...

OH MY GOSH! That redneck briefcase. I seriously ALMOST peed! That is seriously the best. You always have the best posts.

BTW- Mario Kart is AWESOME! I never understand how people don't really get into the wii, when I play- it is like a FULL body experience. Watching people play is sometimes better then playing.

Amanda Holbrook said...

What an amazing trip! It looks like you had so much fun. You really had to drive a long way though!!! I love your Mr. T soap on a rope. That is awesome!

Jennifer said...

Snow!!! So jealous it was in the 80s here in Houston. Looks like you had tons of fun!! Glad you got to go to Arizona.

j&krosser said...

It was fun to have you at the party!! What a good dad to come along.

Steven said...

Joseph City is amazing. On New Year's Day, my friends from Flagstaff wanted to do a road-trip so they came to Joseph City. I tols my family, "Yeah, they were bored in Flagstaff, so they came here." We went out to the badlands and had a bonfire. They got the full-package tour.