Friday, December 12, 2008

Snow in Houston!

We had quite the surprise on Wednesday in the Houston area.
I've lived here for almost 8 years. Up until Wednesday, it had snowed only once since I've lived here and it was very brief (in 2004) and didn't stick at all. The weather has been so weird here. Tuesday was so hot and it's really warm again today. That's Houston for you! We had our first grade team party on the snow day. Amanda was so excited! Having grown up in Texas, it's easy to see why!
We had to get a team picture out in the snow . . . in our pajamas. We even had a little snowball fight.
I headed home after that and took a few more pictures. Our next door neighbor always goes all out with the decorating. His yard looked so nice with the snow.
I got a big kick out of seeing snow on the palm trees. Seems a bit ironic.
Our poor garden got covered. I rushed out and picked 10 bell peppers off the plant and our biggest canteloupe.


nava_jo said...

You have had some crazy weather.. No one would of guessed not to long ago there was a hurricane in the area. The snow is pretty awesome though. :) This must be your Christmas Miracle!

Bushmwc said...

Oh, you got more than us! The girls would have loved it. I'm sorry you had to pick your prize cantaloupe! You should have just breathed on it all night to keep it warm, it will be in the 80s here soon. : )