Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas. For this post I just thought I'd share some of the goings on while we were visiting with our family over the holiday.
One of our favorite traditions is "the Holy City" song about Jerusalem. My mom plays it on the piano while Adam and Dad play it using some sort of instrument. Susannah and I usually butcher the singing part of it since it's a very high song and neither of us are sopranos!
I shot some video for your viewing and listening pleasure.
Quite awhile ago, my dad built a porch cover in my backyard. I've wanted to get the posts bricked in forever now, but we've had issues with getting bricks. The good news is - we now have bricks! Yahoo!

My dad got a new toy for his birthday. The Giant got him a rocket launcher thing-a-ma-jig that we all had fun playing with.

Here's a fantastic "almost" catch by Susannah. She actually had gotten quite a few of them previous to me getting my camera out. Bad luck!
My mom really enjoyed holding our neighbor's baby, Liam, during th e latter part of the rocket launcher play.
My dad was having fun playing with their daughter, Audrey. They'r e fun kids and they love my parents!
Fun neighbors are a great substitute for grandkids, right? S orry, Mom and Dad!
This is a great example of movie watching at our house. Actually, the best example would have been just seconds before I shot this picture. My mom was also asleep. Susannah and my mom both have this problem where they can't stay awake in a movie to save their lives. Adam's in the middle, but he saw me with the camera just before I too k the picture. Dang!
We had a fun treat this holiday season. Megan came out to join us for Christmas even though she'd had a wreck in her car the day before. What a trooper! It was fun to have here.
On Christmas Eve we went to the light show that San Angelo puts on every year. They set up a bunch of cool displays along the river. I forgot my real camera so Megan was nice enough to take a picture with my phone.
I don't have a flash on the phone, but if you stand really close to the lights, it works just about the same!
Megan brought us some Macadamia nut pancake/waffle mix and I got a waffle maker for Christmas so we had some yummy waffles Christmas morning. Look how cute those little waffles are!
We had a bunch of people over for Christmas dinner - including the neighbors again. Liam had the cutest little outfit. There was a picture of a horse on the front and there were two little horses on his feet. We LOVED the tail on the back, though. This has been a fun trip.


Raysha said...

Rocket launching is always a fun thing for the men in my family. They go shooting a launch rockets. I'm glad you had a great Christmas with your fam!

Jennifer said...

Didn't know your mom had the same problem about not staying awake during movies. Like mother like daughter. Looks Like you guys are having fun.

Valerie said...

Yay for French horn playing! Looks like the Bushmans had a fun Christmas. =)