Sunday, December 14, 2008

Weekend Fun!

I had a great weekend. Our ward had an activity where we met and then headed down to "Lights in the Heights" near downtown Houston.
This was our little carpool group of fun girls.
Katherine's mom and sisters came. They brought her this cool Santa hat with the beard and all.
This was some of our ward group that came.
The houses along several blocks in "the heights" are all decorated. There are lots of people playing live music on their porches or selling hot chocolate etc. It's a really fun atmosphere. If you look closely in the window of this house, you'll see the leg lamp from a Christmas story. It made me laugh pretty hard.

I shot this quick little video of a band playing some 80s music. They were really good!We also saw an awesome 3 man jazz band. Kirsten had the hots for the base player so Nate talked her into leaving him her number on a little paper. We also snagged a card.

Our staff Christmas party was also this weekend! It was a lot of fun. My teammate, Janelle hosted it at her house. She did a GREAT job. Upstairs she had a kareoke machine. My teammates got a little rowdy on it. Kristie and Amanda were hilarious.I loved this shot of them singing.

Kristie was so into it, that she sang without the music! She actually loves this song and busted out singing it at one of our team meetings.


Kirsten said...

OK!!! so the base player actually called me... he wants to go out this weekend to smell christmas trees and look at lights... it should be great... Base players really are pretty amazing. Not as good as Zamboni drivers or hockey players, but still pretty good!

Kirsten said...

So that was a total lie.....

except for the part about Zamboni drivers and hockey players. That is totally true.

Susannah said...

I would have stuck with the original comment. No one has to know it was a lie!