Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Girls Night!

We had a fun girls' night out last weekend for Rachael's birthday.
We had a delicious dinner at Olive Garden and then went and watched "The Time Traveller's Wife." Too bad that we all had to spread out at the movie. We got there too late to get seats next to each other. That gave several ladies freedom to cry without wondering if anyone would see or what they would think! :)
The rest of these are a bunch of random shots around the table . . . just for fun. Here's Kim, Rachael, and Megan with her spiffy new haircut!
These are Rachael's roommates - Bonnie and Hillary.
Heather, Nikki, and Adena
Yours truly and Mauren.
Rachael, Stephani, and me again!

Here's the cute song the waiters sang to Rachael. It was a great night!

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Susannah said...

Looks fun. Rachael is so cute and I love Meg's new haircut!