Monday, August 3, 2009

Bad Luck

Some of you may have seen on Facebook that I had a string of bad luck right after I got home from Hawaii!
The first was that my birthday present from Abraham, Nacho, the beta fish, didn't quite make it. He died the day I got home, but just before I saw him. Seana said he ate breakfast that morning! Poor little guy. I had to flush him to his new home.
The next one was so random and I still laugh every time I think about it. We had a Relief Society/Elder's Quorum BBQ at a park in the Woodlands. I was sitting at a table, just chatting with some friends and eating when I felt something nail me on the head! Apparently, a branch from 20-30 feet above my head had become dislodged from a tree and used me as target practice! This is the actual branch! Luckily it hit me with the flat part and not an edge. I was a little stunned, but A-OK!
At that same BBQ, Nate noticed that my tire was super low. It had a nail in it! Luckily he and Brock changed it to this little donut. This story has a happy ending; I took my car into Discount Tire and they fixed it for free! Yahoo!

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crack'n up ourselves said...

So sorry but, I had to laugh.