Sunday, August 16, 2009

Prank War

We have a prank war on our hands. Luckily, I am not a target, but have sort of assisted in both sides.
The other night Julie put cookies all over Nate's windows on his van. It was really late at night, so he left them on. The next day while his van was parked at work, the cookies started to melt and slide down, then it rained so they were all mushy and nasty. He had to go through the car was twice.
His payback came quickly. He got some of Jr.'s diapers and melted chocolate candy bars in them. We actually caught him with the last two in his hands before he put them on her car.
There were quite a few on there!
It looked pretty nasty, as you can see.
This one was especially bad. At least it smelled good, though! Julie's got for a week and half; we'll see if she retaliates!


Mom said...

It sounded like Nate was going to put the diapers on (himself). It made me laugh!!

Alona said...

Thanks for noticing, Mom! I fixed it already! :)