Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Pre Luau Fun

The big annual YSA luau is coming up this weekend.
I had a few people over for some games on Sunday night. It started out sort of relaxed as you can see Katherine enjoying the grass out in the backyard.
For the luau, I'm doing my Tahitian dance again and everyone was begging me to do the dance for them. I finally gave in. Nate wanted to learn how to do it.
I also showed Kim and Scott some of the moves as well.
Here are some of the happy audience members.
I was telling them about how hard it was to dance with the skirt on because it's so heavy. I let people try it on. Nate tried it on and was doing some funny moves.

We wanted to video him, but he said no. Stacie tried here, but got caught. He knew I had a sea shell bra thingy that I hadn't been able to find and I asked him if he'd let us film him if I found the bra for him to wear. He said he would so after about 15 minutes or more of searching, I finally found it.
Here I am getting him all ready for his big moment! (Side note - I do not wear this shell bra during my dance - or ever! It was a gag gift given to me by some friends from HS. )
Almost ready. After this little addition, he put the skirt back on and . . .

. . . this was the result. I can not stop laughing about it!

This last video is where I was trying to teach Nate how to "bump" his hips. It's pretty funny.


Susannah said...

I knew Nate had some moves...but really...I think he should do a number for the luau.

Stacie said...

OH MY GOODNESS that last video is pretty funny to. I can't stop laughing about the one he performed in either! I think I will watch it every time I feel grumpy for a long time ha!

Mom said...

Great dancing, Nate!!

Gene said...

good teaching Alona!

Kirsten said...

well.. he can definately shake it.. even if it isn't tahitian style