Monday, August 3, 2009

Katherine's House

Katherine closed on a new house on July 24th, but wasn't able to get in to it until the 27th. Since that day, I, and some of my friends, have been helping for a few hours here and there at her house.
These pictures are all from the first day, the 27th. Our first order of business was painting. The previous homeowner had painted almost all the walls with this horrible peach paint. These pictures do not show the full grossness. Here's Katherine doing the first brush strokes of paint!
The color she chose for this kitchen area is a really nice tan color.
Maylene and Darrell bought a really cool paint thing that sucks the paint up into the handle so you don't have to dip the roller. I bought one for myself over a year ago, but hadn't used it yet. It came and super handy and I LOVED it!
We took a quick painting break to unload her new fridge from the back of her truck and bring it inside. We were pretty proud of ourselves.
Kim started in the living room on the maroon accent wall. She worked for HOURS on it and it is now spectacular! The other walls in that room are a really nice beige color. Other things since then have included painting the trim and pulling up the existing flooring so she can put down her laminate wood floor. I'll have an update soon with the changes! Other helpers besides Kim, Stacie, and myself have included Nate, Ed, Katherine's mom and two sisters, Katie, and some of Katherine's co-workers. There have probably been more as well!

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