Saturday, August 15, 2009

More of Kath's House

Lots of my last few evenings of summer have been spent over at Katherine's new house. She's really been working on EVERYTHING, but luckily, she's had some fun friends to help out.
I'll admit that it hasn't all been work. This paint fight happened a few weeks ago.
Nate and Kim got the worst of it, but somehow, I got a wet paintbrush shoved in my mouth. It wasn't Kim.
Samira and Julie were working on this blue accent wall in the master bedroom and Samira couldn't resist Julie's dare to make an imprint on the wall.
Katherine's brother Ricky put in tile flooring in the kitchen, laundry, and both bathrooms. He did tons of other work as well the week he was here. In this picture Stacie is taking off the fronts of the drawers and cabinets for staining.
Kim did most of the actual staining.
I helped out with that as well. This picture was the day Kirsten came in and was also the day before the luau - that's why I had my hair braided, so it would look more Polynesian-ish for my dance.

This video of Julie cracks me up. Nate had her using the nail gun to put up some trim and she would yelp or scream every time she shot it. By the time I got the camera out, she was trying to hold it in, but I caught a little one in this video.
Just a couple of nights ago after working at the house, I got to cut Nate's hair. I was pretty excited about it. I've only ever trimmed Susannah's hair so I was excited to try his.
I thought I was pretty cool until he told me he usually lets his kids cut it! Great!
I posted a few of these to show the world that most of my guy friends cannot seem to make nice normal faces in pictures. Why?
I loved this shot of Katherine taking a break from putting some texture on her ceiling! It's been fun and there's still more work to do!


Susannah said...

I loved Julie's yelp!

kristal said...

Um,you look fantastic. I know that's off the subject, but your hair, your body..Mmm, you look great! Glad you get to marry my husband in a few years (or maybe a few weeks if I don't make it through delivery of this next toddler baby)