Sunday, November 22, 2009

Camping at the beach

Last weekend a few of us went camping down at the beach near Galveston. It was my first beach camping experience and I quite enjoyed it minus the mosquitos. I didn't take any pictures the night we got there, but there are quite a few from the next day. I wish I had taken some of the night before when Katherine had decided to take her truck on a little off-roading adventure, completely forgetting that her tailgate was down and that most of our stuff was still in the back of the truck. That was quite hilarious.
On the beach in the morning there were lots of these mushroom jellyfish. They were huge! This one was dead. It had a big crack all along one side of it.
Julie put her foot by it for some scale.
Jared wanted to see how far he could kick it and see how it would hold up. For you animal lovers, just let me remind you that it's already dead.
Try #2 didn't work out as well. The poor thing didn't stay together very well.
Jared did bring out his fishing gear. He caught one little fish that he released. It was pretty exciting.
We were sitting by the fire that morning and Julie asked if she could bury me. I said sure. Nate jumped right in for that activity. Julie started digging. I was telling them about how my dad and the boys in Hawaii used to bury people vertically. Nate decided to try it out. He didn't get much deeper than this before he hit the water table.
I just got in and kind of squatted down and they buried me. I got a little nervous with Gus walking around. Luckily, they tied him up right after this shot.
They packed me in really good. It was a little bit hard to breathe.
After I was all buried, they made a body for me out of sand. To protect everyone's innocence, I will not be posting those pictures. They made a man's body and found various items on the beach that made it a little too realistic.
Here I am covered with sand after I got out. I was pretty wet as well. I didn't realize how wet the sand was until after that!
I was trying out the zoom on my camera on this shot. I was pretty far away from them. L-R its Aaron, Jared, Katherine, and Julie. That was a fun little group.
I couldn't resist getting this shot of Gus on his throne as we were leaving.

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Playing on the beach looks really fun.