Sunday, November 22, 2009

Thanksgiving Program

Just before Thanksgiving break, our first grade team put on our annual Thanksgiving Program/fund raiser.
Here are the first graders at one of our last practices. They did really well.
Here's my class minus one who was out sick. Thanks to one of my co-worker's dads for building us that tepee out of PVC pipe and rebar. This is our 3rd year to use it. The kids put their handprints on brown butcher paper to dress it up.
Here are the little cuties in their orange shirts and Native American headbands at the performance.
We had a bake sale with water and soda also on sale. We had a bunch of water and cans of soda in big old ice chests so it would be cold. Only later did we discover that one of the outlet holes didn't have a plug so we had a nasty leak all over the floor. The only thing my co-worker could find to plug it was some of her son's underwear that was out in her car. It cracked me up.
Yet again, my awesome friends came to help out at this event so all the first grade parents could enjoy the program. Here's Nate, Collette, and Julie. They look very entertained.
This one's a little happier with Stacie, Nate, and Collette. They had some fun with my camera that night. I won't be posting some of the pictures they took. Be glad.
Julie snuck this picture of me talking to a parent of one of my students last year. I was decked out in my orange shirt and headband as well.

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