Sunday, November 22, 2009

Jessica's Reception

Jessica and Jason got married in Hawaii a few weeks ago.
They had a reception here in the afternoon on Halloween. This is one of their engagement photos that I really liked. She hasn't put any pictures up on Facebook yet of the actual wedding.
Jessica's mom made these cute little boxes out of card stock. They were so awesome. They each had a homemade chocolate filled with this coconut filling and some peanut and coconut M&Ms. I was a big fan . . . of everything.
We had luau style food. Here's a picture of my favorite - Kalua pig!!!! Yum!!!!
Here's the cute couple stealing a quick bite before everyone showed up. Katherine, Stacie, and I got to help out most of the morning so we got to visit with them before people started showing up.
It was at the Cook's home. They're so awesome!
It was great to see some of my old friends as well. I found out that Matt and Carrie and their family will be moving to Seattle sometime soon.
I had to get a quick shot with Jess as well.
We all did!
Here are some more old friends I hadn't seen for awhile! Good times!

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