Sunday, November 22, 2009

Marshmallow Guns

We had planned on doing another camping trip this weekend, but it was pretty rainy, so we decided to come up with some other plans.
We had a pretty good alternative. Friday night, a bunch of us went over to Katherine's. We had some dinner and then pulled out the marshmallow guns for a major war. This shows some of the damage. Stacie took it easy. I wonder how many times she got hit!
Julie came from down the hall and slid on her knees. It was a pretty cool move.
Katie rolled across the floor and got some pretty good shots. She also got hit a few times! :)
Candice was more of a stealth player. She'd find good hiding spots then nail us out of nowhere.
Julie and Katherine both had these baggies taped on them or their guns to keep their ammo close at hand.
I'd forgotten how much fun that is. We'll have to use those guns a lot more than they've been used in the past!


Mom said...

Kathrine's house looks really nice, even with mashmarlers all over the place!!

Anonymous said...

I love these pictures...such raw emotion with our "game faces" on. What a great substitute for a rained out camp out.