Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Katherine's birthday

My good friend, Katherine, recently had her 30th birthday. It's on the 30th of October, so she went with the whole Halloween theme. I had shared the birthday invite some awesome Joseph City people had made up for a birthday party and Katherine modified it for her invitation. I thought it was pretty funny!
Katrina, Alicia and Samira are pleased to announce the grueling union of Katherine and her 30th birthday.

Please join us at her new home for a frightful costume party to celebrate (commiserate) her 30 years of celibacy!

Katherine is registered at Target and Bed, Bath and Beyond... why should brides have all the fun?!?! (Home Depot gift cards gladly accepted as well)!

Dinner will be served

Activities include bonfire, outdoor movie AND sumo wrestling!
Here's Katherine (Tina in red) with her sisters Samira (Cindi) and Alicia (Dolly) and her mom (Cher). Their costumes were great!
I feel a little bad about my costume, but I still did it. If you can't tell, I was a pregnant nun. Stacie found me an inflatable tummy and all. It even had a belly button! Another friend Stacy let me borrow the dress and made the habit!
Here's Collette the cowgirl visiting with Crissy.
There was a great turnout. You can see Nate in the background as Tweedle Dum.
Kim made a great pirate!
Cordel was Harry Potter and Katie was gold - the element.
Nikki was a crazy person . . . and she was.
Katherine's mom and sister snuck over to her house a couple nights before the party and put 30 Flamingos in her yard as a joke. It was pretty funny. Tatum and Nikki posed for me here.
The sumo wrestling was a big hit. I love this aerial shot of Nate about to pummel Colette. Julie was sort of the mediator, but Nate took her down even though she didn't have the suit on.
Adena cracked me up in this suit because she was so short, but she had some serious mobility. That's a ton of fun. You should try it if you haven't!
By the way, I had way more fun pictures of lots of other people, but my card in my camera decided to have a random error. Does anyone know anything about CF cards?


Mom said...

Hurray!! A post from Alona!! Looks like a fun party and field trip.

Teresa said...

Love your costume. However it reminds me that I'll be that big in a few more months. Yikes!