Monday, November 30, 2009

How could I forget?

So, looking through my camera yesterday, I noticed this video that I forgot to post. Even though it's from a little while ago, it's too good not to have it on my blog!
This was at Wendy's birthday party. Julie had the GREAT idea to inhale some Helium and sing her favorite song. How could I not post this?
Jared just tagged this photo of me on Facebook so I didn't have it before. This is on the ferry as we were leaving that Galveston camping trip. I liked it, but didn't want to put it with those pictures, because I figured it wouldn't get seen.
This one also fits in that category. This is from Katherine's camera. I got this one well after I finished the post from her birthday party. I like this one better of me in my costume than the one I had originally posted, but posting this picture was a must because it has a fully body shot of Katherine as Tina Turner. She was hilarious!

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Susannah said...

Man, I miss you guys!