Monday, June 20, 2011

Family Visits

I was really excited that Lake Powell is so close to St. George where my Grandma Evans, Aunt Norma, and Uncle Darl live. Susannah and I really wanted to stop in for a visit...
and especially wanted my grandma to see Evie and for Evie to have met my grandma. You can see that my aunt printed out a picture of Evie to prep my grandma that we were coming. Grandma is 96 years old! She's had lots of health issues lately, but is really fighting.
I thought this picture was so sweet with Evie putting her hand on Grandma's shoulder.
It was great to see Uncle Darl and Aunt Norma too! They were so nice and even made us a delicious lunch!
We had to get all of us in with Grandma. I set my timer so I look a little stressed.
Grandma enjoyed watching Evie jump on her bed.
I love this one of Evie holding Grandma's hand.
Sadly we didn't get to stay that long. We had to get back on the road to head up to Spanish Fork to stay with my cousin Daylen.
We did have to stop to feed Evie and to take a picture of this amazing sunset!
Daylen and Scarlet's kids were so cute with Evie and all wanted to hold her. This is their youngest - Valeska.
Here are the kiddos. There are lots of pictures like this one because they all wanted to hold Evie and they all wanted a picture of it. Cute kids.
Here's the whole family complete with their dog "Tex!" Daylen's hilarious.
Later that same day we met up with Adam and picked him up. We headed up to Boise but stopped for a quick visit with his maternal grandparents. Grandma Bell gave Evie a ginger snap. Her memory's going a little bit. She'd asked about giving Evie a cracker earlier and Susannah let her know that Evie was just drinking milk, but she forgot and gave her the cookie. She's so sweet. This is the aftermath of about 30 seconds of sucking on that cookie! :)


Wendy Sue said...

I love all 3 posts, I could comment on each picture!! Lots of people and places that I love, I'm so happy you got pictures of Evie with Grandma!!

deej said...

I'm so glad you guys made the time to visit special grandparents and family along your way! I know you made many hearts happy!