Monday, June 20, 2011

Yucky Veggies

I will admit that I'm being a bit of a post thief right now, but I was just too excited about being around for a couple of "firsts" for little Evie.
Here she is donning the bib I got for her in Alaska last summer. She's preparing for her first food. She's had milk, formula, and rice cereal, but Susannah decided to try some baby food. This particular kind is called Country Garden Vegetables.
Here's the video I took of her first and subsequent bites. She doesn't seem to like veggies . . . AT ALL!
After the video I grabbed my camera and took some still shots and they really make me laugh!!!!
She just looked out the window like this for a long time. She was pretty mad and didn't want to make eye contact, apparently.
Susannah tried some rice cereal afterward to get the taste out of her mouth, but she wasn't in the mood to eat ANYTHING from that spoon!
The other first I observed yesterday was Evie rolling from her stomach to her back. What a nice Father's Day present for Adam!


Wendy Sue said...

Cruel, cruel people!! There was some serious laughter here, though!!

deej said...

I agree with your mom . . . cruel! And how trusting Evie was . . . she continued to trust you two hoping for something yummier . . . like "please pass the gingersnaps!" Don't know if I laughed harder @ Evie's faces or the background laughter!