Thursday, June 2, 2011


For my birthday, my awesome Relief Society President and friend, Kenna, made me an awesome watch that I LOVE. She offered to teach our presidency how to make them and I was all for it. My co-worker, Janelle, had complimented me on my watch and wanted to learn how to make them as well, so I invited her to be part of the fun!
Kenna had like 6 big containers full of beads and all sorts of goodies so we set to work last Thursday night. The one on the left was made by Stacee. She wasn't quite done when I took this picture. Janelle made the next one over. I made the 3rd one and the last is the one that Kenna made me. They have lobster claws to attach them to the watch faces, so I just change my bands back and forth now. I LOVE IT!
Here's the crew right before Janelle had to leave: Kenna, Stacee, Janelle, and Cheryl! I had to go out that weekend and start my own bead collection! :)

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