Monday, June 20, 2011

Joseph City

My first stop on my summer vacation/roadtrip was to my hometown in Joseph City. I will preface this post with the disclaimer that I wasn't a very good photographer on this leg. I got a lot of pictures of some events and not any of others. Sorry!
I stayed with my Aunt Karen and didn't even get a picture of her!!!!!! Yikes! My first activity was to be taken to lunch at El Rancho in Holbrook by my two good friends, Kristal and Trina. I didn't think to get the camera out until after lunch when we were at Safeway. Kristal posed for me.
Here are the 3 of us in front of the famous Wigwam Motel there in Holbrook which is about 10 miles from Joseph City.
The next evening I got to hang out with my best friend Jinny's parents. They also invited the Mulders so it was a regular party. Linda went way out on everything. We had a fruit tray to start things off.
Here are all the Mulder guys. I went with their family to Flagstaff that morning and watched Kung Fu Panda 2, but didn't take any pictures of that whole trip!
Linda made everything so cute!
Their backyard was just perfect.
Here she is dishing up the kids.
Here I am with the Millers. Rich just retired!
I did snap this cute one of my cousin, Nancy. She's always a lot of fun!
One of the mornings Trina and I went to the temple in Snowflake. Kim met us there. She was my road trip buddy from Houston to JC, but I didn't take any pictures of that. After the temple we went out to lunch. Other things I forgot to take pictures of:
*BUNCO night with Aunt Karen and Nella (with lots of other fun ladies)
*Visiting a BIG Hansen BBQ with tons of fun and cool people
*I didn't even go to Jackrabbit this time around or snap any pictures of the John Bushman home! Shame on me! It was a great trip, though!

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