Thursday, August 18, 2011

Kauai - Finishing the trip

Wednesday morning we headed back toward the hike we did on Monday.
We went to this beach which is called Tunnels beach, we think.
I got really brave and took my camera out in the water with me.  Luckily my camera survived!
Here's cute and sandy Evie with Grandma and Grandpa.
Two cute girls!
After the beach we got some food at Bubba's Burgers and drank our favorite Hawaii drink - POG.  We found these little ketchup cups that we drank out of. 
We then went back to the coast to find a place called the Queen's Bath.
This little pool was right next to the Queen's Bath.
Here's Adam Warr, mom, and me in Queen's Bath.
There were so many sea turtles around this area.  We had a hard time getting good shots of them because we never knew where or when they were going to pop up.  If you like right in the middle of this picture, you'll see a turtle's head poking out of the water.
We thought it might be better to try video.  Both of these have some turtles.  Watch closely!
This one is right at the first.  Sorry about all the wind!
Thursday we headed over to Kapa'a for some fun.  We went on a tour to the Fern Grotto.  This is a view from the boat we were on.
This is the cave or "Fern Grotto."
I wanted to do a family picture here, and my dad was kind enough to let me test the light on him.
Not my favorite shot, but we're all in it!
The cute little Warr family.
These leaves were huge!  We used Evie for scale.
Here's another family picture attempt.
This is on the way back from the grotto.  This area is where they filmed the beginning of Raiders of the Lost Ark when Harrison Ford comes running out of the cave.
After the grotto tour, we went to the Smith's Luau.  We had to wait a bit so we did another family picture try.
This is in the Smith property.  It was really nice.  The guys were being silly.
Beautiful mom with lovely flowers.
Love these girls!
They had goats and chickens and a cow.  The Adams had fun feeding the animals.
Fun until a goat bit Adam!  If you look closely, you can see a bite mark in the middle of his index finger.
The luau begins!
I love kalua pig!!!!
CUTE!  This was right after dinner and just before the show.
It was a great trip.  This is a view from the place we stayed.  It was really nice.  I was sad to leave.
I was especially sad to leave this little munchkin.  Here she is doing her wounded soldier crawl.  I'm sure she'll be full on crawling soon!


Wendy Sue said...

I loved all the Kauai and Maui posts but not as much as I loved the trip itself and being with such a great family. We'll forever remember the beaches and the deck hands!!

Alicia said...

Beautiful pics. I'm absolutely jealous.

Cris said...

Alona! Those pictures and the yummy candy you brought back for me make me want to get back to Hawaii so bad! Thanks for sharing! Evie is adorable! Loved all the cute shots of her!