Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Maui - Twin Falls and Haleakala

Maui was our first stop in Hawaii.  We flew in on a Monday - Susannah, Adam, Evie, Katherine, and I all within a few minutes of each other.  We headed over to my cousin's house in Haiku and soon went on our first adventure.
Just a few miles from my cousin's house is Twin Falls.  We hiked around there and went  swimming.  Poor Evie looks so sad in this picture.  That backpack is really handy, though.
We actually only went to one of the Falls.  Here are Adam and I in the fresh water pool.  It was very cool.
Katherine and I are in this picture from a different view.
Evie and I were the only ones who didn't jump.  Here's Adam's jump.
. . . Adam and Susannah climbing.
I forgot to put the camera on sports setting and this was what I got of Susannah's jump.  It reminds me of a double limbed gumby.  It cracked me up.
That night Evie didn't sleep very well.  The next morning we had planned to go up for the sunrise at Haleakala crater.  Susannah decided to stay because Evie was finally sleeping and Susannah could take a little nap.  Katherine, Adam and I headed up.  Here are Katherine and I waiting for the sunrise.  It was pretty light, but the sun hadn't come up over the clouds up that high yet.
Here's Katherine just before the sun came up.
There were tons of people up there.  Here's a group near where we were at the top.
Just previous to the sunrise.
Adam and Katherine.
Sun's just peaking over the clouds.
Halfway there . . . 
. . . and it's up.  It was pretty impressive.
We took some pictures of ourselves with the sun.  I liked this one with it just over my shoulder.
This is a view of the parking lot from up at the top of the peak we climbed to see the sunrise.  We're looking down the west side of the island here.

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I really like the sun over the shoulder picture!