Thursday, August 18, 2011


This was my first visit to Kauai and it was beautiful!
We met my parents and brother there.  This was taken at a little shopping center in Hanalea which is right by Princeville where we stayed.
One of our first stops there was a farmers market!  That pineapple was amazing!  Always love the apple bananas too.
The first beach we went to was at Hanalea Bay.  We accessed the beach from the St. Regis hotel which was amazing.
This is a view of the beach from the hotel.
We put one of my parents glasses on Evie and it totally cracked us up.
We passed this scenic outlook many times as we drove between Princeville and Hanalea.  I loved the mountains there.
On Sunday we went on a drive up to Waimea Canyon which has been called the Grand Canyon of the Pacific.
It was pretty breathtaking.  We spent quite awhile at this lookout.
The whole family.
Cute little Evie and her dad.
My dad got this one of me.  Too bad I'm squinting. :)
After Waimea we went in to Lihue where my dad gave a fireside for the seminary and institute students and their teachers.  It was really great.
The next day we went on a hike along the Nipali Coast.  It was a beautiful hike and a definite workout.
This view was so cool.  The water was such an aqua color and we almost felt like we were in a highlighted black and white picture for a minute.
I love this cute picture of my parents taking a little rest on the hike.
My dad scouted this shot for me.
The trail went a lot longer, but we stopped at this beach that was 2 miles from the trailhead.  It was beautiful, but had very dangerous currents so they told us not to swim in it.  Up to that point they'd had 83 drownings at  that beach.
Mom and Evie getting their feet wet.
I loved this shot as we were about to head away from the beach.

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