Monday, August 15, 2011

Maui - Beach Day & Iao Valley

We had a great day on Maui where we went to several beaches and one of my favorite Maui destinations.
Our first stop was at Makena Landing.
I love cute little Evie!
We did some snorkeling because it was more of a bay.  Katherine was really excited!
Delisa and Anthony came with us too and they brought their 2 seater kayak and it was AMAZING!  I really wanted to bring my camera out on that thing!  I think all of us took a few opportunities to go out on it.  In this picture, Anthony is helping Susannah and I in for the maiden voyage of this trip.
Katherine was our delicious sandwich maker.  Peanut butter + banana = awesome!
Anthony, Delisa, and Wellington were fantastic hosts.  We loved hanging out with them!
We knew Evie loved to play in the sand, but discovered at this beach that she also loves eating it!
We headed next to a beach we grew up calling Micki's beach.  Our friend Micki had a beach house along here when were growing up on Maui.  She's since passed away, but we still love this beach in Kihei.
Here's a shot looking the other way down the beach.
Evie was licking the sand off of my sunscreen . . . .
then she went straight for the source.  Susannah found sand in Evie's diapers for days after this.
This beach was a little better for body surfing and boogie boarding.  I love this shot of Adam getting totally tumbled by this wave from off the boogie board.
Evie was exhausted after her sandy lunch and fell asleep.
We headed to the Iao Valley after that.  Look at this cute little family in front of the Iao Needle.
Here's the whole crew that came to Iao.
Another needle picture.  I love this place!
After Iao, we made a quick stop by the beach I went to the most as a child on Maui - Baldwin beach just outside of Paia.
It was really windy and dusty out there that afternoon.
We didn't go in, but had some fun watching and taking pictures.
Contemplating the wave warnings.
Just as we were getting ready to go, I noticed this dead puffer fish at the base of this tree.
Here's a little bit better shot.

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