Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Maui - Blow Hole, Honolua Bay, and Lahaina

Later in the day after Haleakala, we decided to drive around from Haiku to Lahaina - kind of out of the way so we could see the Blow Hole along the way.
The scenery along the road was so beautiful, and the road was pretty gnarly and was one lane for a lot of the way.
Katherine got this shot along with the one before and after this one.  It was a very pretty drive!
I love Maui!
This was a view from one of the cliffs.
We finally made it to the Blow Hole and got ready to hike down to see it.  Susannah had a handy little sling for Evie that came in handy.
This is the view of the blow hole area from up near where we parked.
A little lower down, I caught this good shot of water spouting up through the blow hole.
We were down pretty close here.  This is the breeze blowing through.  It usually "spits" like this before a big bunch of water comes out.
Here's a pretty good spout.
And an even better one!
Katherine, Susannah, and Adam climbed up to get a top view while I stayed with Evie.
Katherine got this shot of the hole from above.
This is a spout from above.
Katherine got this one at the top of the cliffs by where we parked.  The wind almost blew her back away from the cliff!
We drove a few more miles and came to the parking area for this cool snorkeling spot Adam had heard about called Honolua Bay.  The walk to get to the bay was so pretty.
Evie liked it! 
Katherine toted all our snorkel stuff through the mini rain forest.
She got this picture of the bay as we were leaving.  The snorkeling was awesome.  Adam saw some sea turtles.
We drove into Lahaina from there and had some lunch.  Notice the POG.  Delicious stuff!
We had to show Adam and Katherine the Banyan tree on Front Street.
Cute little family!
This is right along front street in Lahaina as well.
I carried Evie in the backpack for part of the time and she loved sucking on my hair.  It was pretty salty from snorkeling and she couldn't get enough.  It was pretty mangled when she was through.

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Those hair pictures gross me out and crack me up!