Sunday, June 23, 2013


When we got back into Seattle from our cruise, we stayed a few days to visit my parents and brother.
We visited my brother at work.  He's not much of a poser! :)
My dad wanted to get a picture of me next to their orange rhododendron bush since it was the same color as my sweater.
We got one of them off for my hair and it was almost as big as my head!
My dad's shoulder was bothering him and Robert tried stretching him out.
It was funny to watch, but it helped him feel a little better the next day.
I really like the front of my parents's house.  I shot this one of Adam coming out to go on an excursion with us.
We went to this wildlife park that was so pretty!
One of the first things we saw was some coyotes.
This is a wolf.  He was way in the back and I couldn't get a very good shot of him.
They had some big old grizzly bears too!
The park itself was so pretty.  This area reminded me of Jurassic Park.
For the rest of these shots, we were on a little bus.  We went by some bighorn sheep.
These were some really big elk.
Bison - this one was so close!
I like this shot because it shows how close we were to the animals.
Ok, not quite all.  We got off the tour and saw some black bears, but I couldn't get a good shot of them!
I love this shot of a raccoon we saw.  That was a really cool thing to do.  The next day we went to the Seattle temple with my mom and then she took us to the airport!

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Wendy Sue said...

I'm glad you got pictures of all those animals at Northwest Trek.