Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Woodlands Reception

After lunch/dinner at the Martin's we headed to the Chappell's house in The Woodlands for the reception.
Our sign in area was a little different.  This is Jinny starting things off.  She was my BFF all through Jr. High and High School.  It's fun how we pick right back up when we talk.  
We had people sign little quilt stars that I can make into a quilt.  It's going to be really cute!!!
We brought the flowers and a few pictures and that's all the decorating we really did.  The Chappell's house is beautiful and Mitzi Clay - the caterer took care of setting the food stuff up all nice.  It was delicious too!
Here's Katherine holding Penny.
The Potato-tini mashed potato bar.  Yum!
Jen made the cake.
I ordered some fresh green orchids to go on it.
Here are my JC girls again.  Evie had a lot of fun with them.  She called Kristal "Mistal!"
Jinny brought this frame that her parents made for our wedding announcment.
Melissa snagged this cute pic!
Kristal had some fun photos at the reception too.
Love my brother!

Robert's Brother Roger and his daughter Maddie.
Susannah and Rob had to catch up!
I thought this was cute of Rober's mom as Robert was talking to his brother Russell.
I had to get this one with Ryan and Sarah before they headed back to OK.  I was so glad they came.  Cousins are the best!
I love this one Melissa caught of Kim and Penny!

The Bushmans again.
The bigger Williams clan
This is all of Robert's siblings and their spouses minus Susan - Russell's wife who was home sick.  
Brad composed an performed an original song for us.  It was hilarious!
I love this one of the Carrs enjoying his song.
Jan Chappell also sang a lovely song for us.  Rob played the piano to accompany her.
Kim sang Ingrid Michaelson's version of "I Can't Help Falling in Love with You."
We were nice cake feeders!
No mess!

I had to get one of my Chappell Group friends.  Michael was there, but had to leave early to go take care of his girls.
I was so excited to see that Bro. Fronk came over.  He's my second favorite institute teacher ever (my dad's the first! :))  He's fantastic!!!!!
I was excited to have Melissa try some shots with sparklers just before we left.
The girls had this little surprise for us! :)
Heading out!

Robert's nephews and brothers-in-law had fund decorating his car!

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Wendy Sue said...

That was such a good time and over way too quick! I'm glad there are good pictures to help us relive and remember!