Sunday, June 23, 2013

Pre-Wedding Fun

This is a random post of some of the stuff that went on to get ready for the wedding.
About a week before the wedding, I went over to Abraham and Stacia's place so Stacia could practice doing my make-up for the wedding.  We went with a really natural look and I really liked it.
Sadly, the next morning I woke up with pink eye!!!!  I got to the Dr. early in the week and got it pretty much cleared up before the wedding.
I took the Thursday afternoon and Friday all day off from work to get ready for stuff.  Friday morning the flowers arrived and we spent a LONG time getting flower arrangements, bouquets, and boutineers put together.
Robert's mom, Ann, was a big help with the flowers as was Holli, Susannah, and my mom!
In the blue bucket are the finished bouquets.
The boutineers are in that little bowl.
Once my other JC friends and Sarah had arrived, we decided to go to Erum's to get our eyebrows threaded.
Susannah has been missing Erum since she moved away and was glad to get back in the chair!
Kristal has been to see Erum once before and the reaction was even worse than this one.  I think she has very sensitive eyebrows!  She's no wimp, though.  She gave birth to an 11+ pound baby with no epidural!
After the eyebrow clean-up we headed back for a BBQ at my place.
We had quite the spread and a LOT of folks and fun!
Penny enjoyed herself.
So did Evie!!!
Adam and his tablet were an instant hit with Shalene's boys and Matt.
He loved it!
I snuck this little shot of Robert and mom snacking on the cake tops the Jen brought by.
The day of the wedding I headed to Kelly's salon to get my hair done.  This is before hair and obviously make-up!
Here's Kelly getting started.
She's good at her job!
I loved Susannah in the mirror on this shot!
Done!  Susannah was up next.
I sure like Kelly - and her hair-stylin'!
Holli snapped some pics of the finished do.

Stacia met me there and did my make-up while Susannah was getting her hair done.  Not sure why we didn't get any shots of that.  Stacia went a little heavier on the make-up and it was shocking at first, but I really liked it.  She even came over to my place afterward and added some fake eyelashes.  Fancy!

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