Sunday, June 23, 2013

Gettin' Hitched

Well, it finally happened!
I wasn't sure it ever would, but I'm very happy it did!
Robert and I got married on May 11, 2013 in the Houston, TX temple.
I don't know how much commentary I'll do, but I'll throw a few things in there!  This is right when we came out.
I loved this cute moment with Robert and Matt.
So sweet!
Here's our little family.
This one was taken by Helen Maidment - Robert's ex mother-in-law.  She was kind enough to bring Matt over for the wedding.
Matt was a great helper with my train.
My mom was fantastic at getting everyone set for the pictures.
This is Melissa Fullmer who was my main photographer.
Here's the big group.
Love looking at all the individual faces.  Hilarious!
The Williams Clan
The Bushmans
I was trying to get a nice picture with my girlies, but Evie was a little ornery.
You can see I'm totally holding her in place for this picture.
She is a cutie, though!
I love this one!!!!
Robert and his cute mom!
My dad . . .
and mom.
The girls in my family!
My Joseph City girls.  Kristal on the far right was the second photographer.
My sister, Susannah
My brother, Adam
Just us! :)
Kristal snapped a few family pics of the Warrs.
Love those girls.

My bouquet.  Love it!

Kristal snuck in this one.  It totally cracks me up!

This one is for my dad.  He always likes to get shots like this!
The Martins were kind enough to let us set up lunch at their house.  It's really close to the temple.
Everyone got a chance to relax and cool off.

We had a fun time chatting.
I finally took off one of my eyelashes that had just been hanging on by a thread.
It's my Hitler look.  Not super attractive!!!

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