Sunday, June 23, 2013

Bridal Shots

Jen Purdie was kind enough to take some bridal shots for me a few days before the wedding.
We met at the "LakeShore Pillars" not far from my house.
The lighting was great because it was overcast.
I loved the beams along this walkway.
I like this one minus the blue towel put down to keep my dress from getting dirty! :)
More beams!!!
This is actually most likely the fastest bridal photo shoot that's ever taken place.  Notice the clouds behind Jen.
Here she is helping me get set up - in super speed.
Holli's helping me here.  Susannah snapped this picture for me.
We had to run after about 15 minutes because the rain/thunder/lightning arrived!  Thanks for your help, Mom! :)  Jen did a great job for such a quick and frenzied shoot!

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Wendy Sue said...

I had almost forgotten about the bridal shots. That was quite the storm!