Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Brittany's Reception

While we were visiting our family in San Angelo, we made a little trip with our family to go to our cousin, Brittany's wedding reception in Midland. They're cute!

I believe they were actually married the week before. This was their second reception.

I loved the lanterns they had in the huge tree in the yard!

Susannah had fun making our cousin Peter's daughter Ashley laugh. She's his youngest of 3.

We snapped a picture with all the of the first cousins that were at the reception. 4 of the 8 families are represented!

Some of the cousin in-laws felt left out of the picture so they snapped one of themselves.

I did a candid shot with my dad and two of his older brothers. Uncle Blaine (far right), the father of the bride, wasn't happy with the way he looked in this one so . . .

he made me take this one, which he was much happier with.

His brothers got a big kick out of the whole deal, so my Uncle Darrell decided to try some of the many faces of Blaine.

Under penalty of death, Uncle Blaine let me know I was NOT to post a picture where he is doing the ultimate double chin (on purpose, of course - he doesn't really look like that :)). I am open to bribes via email for those of you who are interested! Kidding!

We were all excited to see our cousin Stephanie's new baby. To our amazement, we saw that she possessed the rare and wonderful Turley fingers just like my dad and a few of his brothers.

I've actually never seen a girl with the finger lengths that my dad and uncles have! Pretty amazing! Grandpa Blaine should be proud!

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