Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Fright Fest

We took a trip to San Antonio to the Six Flags there (Fiesta Texas) for Fright Fest.

Josh, Susannah, Adam, and I posed in front of the entrance.

They had some pretty spooky decorations up. I was hoping they also had spooky people walking around - but it was sort of the same as usual.

This is one of my favorite rides at this park. I think it's called the Frisbee.

Josh and I are ready to take off!

Adam is making his usual lovely face in this one. He and Susannah were on the ride after us.

I love this sillouette (sp?) shot of one of the roller coasters - the Rattler, I think.

We went to a show there that was supposed to be spooky, I think. They opening was great, but the rest . . . not so much.

We tried some cool camera shots with a few of the decorations!

Fun way to spend a Saturday.


Kristal said...

Ahh, I don't know Josh...bring him to Az next time...Leave Adam there!!!

Just kidding, you can bring him, but bring his cage this time!

Alona said...

Josh is Adam's old roommate - they're a package deal. We'll bring two cages or a really big one!

Kristal said...

oh a big one and we'll let people come and bet on the boy fight! FUN! Can't wait!